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London Eye Overlooking LondonThe London Eye was formally opened on New Years Eve back in 1999 but wasn’t opened to the public until 9th March 2000.

The famous London attraction has 32 sealed oval capsules that are air conditioned, weighs 10 tonnes and can hold upto 25 passengers.  The 32 capsules represent EACH of the 32 Boroughs in London.

As a passenger you are able to walk around the capsule freely although seating is provided.  The views are spectacular which is why the London Eye has become the “must visit” attraction it has become today.

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It rotates at a very slow speed allowing you to take in the superb view of London which is exhilirating during the day or night.  Moving only 0.6mph it takes around 30 minutes for it to complete a full cycle.  The London Eye doesn’t stop as it generally moves slow enough for passengeres to enter and exit the capsules as ground level with ease.  Except for disabled or elderly passengers where it will be stopped to allow safe boarding.