Interesting Facts: The London Eye

Would you like to know some interesting facts about the London Eye? Keep reading.

When your capsule reaches the top of the London Eye you are able to see upto 25 miles away.  You can even see Windsor Castle on a clear, crisp day.  It is one of the tallest viewing platforms in London.

Close up image of the London Eye capsulesFrom stepping onto the capsule it will take around 30 minutes to complete a cycle and to retutn to the bottom again.  It generally doesn’t for passengers to enter and exit the capsules as they move so slow.

It took a staggering 7 years to complete the consturction of the London Eye and included a number of top architects to do so.

Over 3,500,000 people go on the London Eye each year and it can hold 800 passengers for every cycle it makes.

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The London Eye is 135m high making it one of the tallest structure in London.

When the London Eye was officially opened at the end of 1999 it was named the “Millennium Wheel”.

The 32 capsules that the London Eye holds represent the 32 Boroughs of London.