Seeing Through the London Eye

The Millennium Wheel was welcomed as a British landmark as the twentieth century gave way to the twenty-first century. Standing over the River Thames 135m in the air, this mechanical wheel, best known as the London Eye, became the largest Ferris Wheel in the world. This architectural work of art quickly became one of the primary tourist attractions in London.

Far from a theme park adventure ride, the London Eye is an observational mechanism.  Its height and location make it a perfect point from which to see all of London from above. This 1,800 ton structure is really just a means of gaining a quick overview of all of the beauty of London. The unique experience provided by the London Eye is pleasurable and memorable for young and old alike.

More than just being a point from which people can view the architectural wonders of London, the London Eye is quickly becoming one of the architectural wonders that attracts tourists to the famous UK destination. Towering over all of the area around it, the London Eye has become a landmark.

If you will be traveling to London with a group and want to ride in one of the London Eye capsules, you should consider booking your reservation well in advance. The London Eye is so popular now that this is the safest way to ensure a pleasant experience. You can even order food and drinks to enjoy while you look out over this beautiful city. If you visit the London Eye as a part of some type of celebration, you’re sure to remember it for a lifetime.

Beyond simply being a tourist attraction, the London Eye has developed somewhat of a reputation as a romantic date destination. Traveling high into the sky and looking out over London can evoke all sorts of sentimental emotions. This type of shared experience is likely to be remembered for a lifetime. If you bring along some romantic gifts or tasty treats, you’ll build even stronger shared memories.

The London Eye provides a unique experience in a unique city. Whether you’re visiting London for the first time or you live in the area, if you haven’t seen the city from the London Eye yet, it’s time to take a look. It provides a great experience for any special occasion.